Welcome to the future of legal documentation!

Dragon Legal Anywhere, the cutting-edge cloud-hosted speech recognition solution, is now seamlessly integrated with Assembly Software's Neos platform. Elevate your legal workflows, boost productivity, and ensure precision in every document by harnessing the power of your voice.

Effortless Documentation Creation

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual transcription. With Dragon Legal Anywhere, legal professionals can create high-quality documents effortlessly by simply speaking. Our specialized legal vocabulary ensures accurate transcriptions of legal terms, contracts, briefs, and citations, saving you valuable time on corrections.

Enhanced Accuracy with Deep Learning Technology

Even with varying accents or challenging environments, our next-generation speech engine, powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, guarantees high recognition accuracy. Dictate confidently and achieve precise transcriptions, enhancing overall efficiency.

Customize Workflows and Automate Tasks

Streamline your processes with custom voice commands and step-by-step workflow automation. Automate repetitive tasks and insert standard clauses with a single voice command. This customization optimizes your workflow, ensuring consistency and freeing up time for strategic tasks.

Seamless Integration with Neos

Dragon Legal Anywhere seamlessly integrates with Neos, adding the power of cloud-hosted speech recognition to your legal toolkit. Dictate directly into Neos, reducing manual typing and data entry. Say goodbye to transcription bottlenecks and hello to streamlined documentation.

Uncompromising Data Security

Confidential client information remains protected with Dragon Legal Anywhere's secure encryption and reliable hosting. Your peace of mind is our priority, especially when dealing with sensitive legal matters.

Anchor Focus Dictation

Allows attorneys and support staff to anchor the text transcription within a particular document, even as they have their cursor and mouse positioned in another window (i.e. when referencing a web-page).

Dragon Anywhere Mobile for iOS and Android devices

Extend the capabilities of Dragon Legal Anywhere.

Included at no additional cost, Dragon Anywhere Mobile is professional-grade mobile dictation allowing users to create, edit, and format documents of any length and share information directly from a mobile device. Your work doesn't stop when you are in the field and away from your PC. Whether you are appearing in court, taking a deposition, or meeting with a client, Dragon Anywhere Mobile extends your ability to capture critical information at the point of interaction.

To help keep busy professionals productive, customizations—like an Auto-Text or unique verbal commands—created in Dragon Anywhere Mobile are automatically synchronized with Dragon Legal Anywhere and vice versa. This allows work started in the field to easily be completed at the office.

Dragon Anywhere Mobile

See Dragon Legal Anywhere in action

A smart investment for practicing attorneys and firms to stay ahead of client demands.

  • Improve legal documentation by creating client contracts, briefs and legal citations 3X than typing
  • Improve compliance by quickly memorializing client interactions, documenting disclosures and detailing action plans
  • Deliver better client service by improving document workflows and refocusing on client service, not paperwork
  • Reduce time and cost by reducing or eliminating administrative staff or reliance on outside transcription services

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